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Corey-James replied to Jake Winston's discussion Packing for a Surf Trip

Packing light for a surf trip is an art form, especially when you're constrained to carry-on luggage. Here's a strategy that might help:

Surfboard: Obviously, this is your main piece of equipment. Look into compact or inflatable options that can…"
May 12
Corey-James is now a member of Surf Community
May 3

SurferShot will be Changing its Branding


Just a heads up, SurferShot will soon be changing its branding to a new name and logo along with a new .com name. will still forward to the newer .com name but we wanted to make sure our members get first hand knowledge of the big news. 

Stay tuned as this should be happening with the next couple of weeks. 

Will will do our best to make sure the site doesn't go down…

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What is the best/worst wetsuit you ever owned?

My worst was an Xcel front zip. Super hard to get in & out of and within 4 months the front neck ripped and became a V-neck. This was their top of the line wetsuit at the time too. It completely fell apart halfway thru my 2 season. My best was a 3/2mm Jetpilot "Cause" fullsuit. Warmest, stretchiest, most comphy wetsuit ever. 2 full seasons with it before it started to thin out. I don't think they make it anymore.

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