We Are Losing Our Freedom to Surf - Sign Petition

Surfers Running From the Cops
As if the Covid 19 isn't bad enough now we are losing our rights, our freedom. 

I witnessed myself cops coming after surfers in Mission Beach (San Diego) wanting to hit the surf. 

This just happening a day after our Governor released harden criminals from jail for fear of the Covid-19. 

To put this in perspective, we as surfers are now the new criminals getting $1000 dollar fines while thieves and harden criminals are getting off free. 

Below is a link for a petition signature drive. Please sign it.
This link is for San Diegan's and the signatures go to Mayor Faulkner of San Diego. If you are reading this and don't live in San Diego or even in a different country you can use this link to create your own petition drive for the town that you surf at if this is happening to your local break. 

Thank you all for your support and may the waves keep you free. 

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