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Johnny G commented on Johnny G's surf photo
"Yea man this place was going off!!!"
Apr 1, 2009
Johnny G posted surf photos
Mar 31, 2009
Johnny G posted surf photos
Jan 5, 2009
Johnny G commented on Kathleen's surf photo
"Great shot where is that at?"
Dec 31, 2008
Johnny G posted surf photos
Dec 5, 2008
Johnny G posted a discussion
Hey headed there for 2 weeks, late Feb... Looking for the ultimate Right point Break!
Dec 5, 2008

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  • Hey Johnny,

    Fyi - I went thru most of your surf photos and "tagged" them with "florida, cocoa beach" because that's where you're from and I'm assuming where you shot them.

    By tagging them they are now showing up on all the surfcams we have in Florida.

    As photos become saturated with the tag word "florida" then I will start separating them for the nearest surfcam it was taken and the photos will need to have the tag word for that surfcam location. Example, for the Cocoa Beach surfcam will need the photo tag word "cocoa".

    Your surfer shots are awesome!77.gif Keep'm common.

  • I dated a girl from Sydney for 3 years. You guys need to plan a half way trip sometime in the future and meet in Bali. If she has an aussie accent let her do all the talking because there're not many Americans that go there and if the Balinese know you're American they'll be all over you like a Schnauzer on a pant leg. (They know we're the only country that tips so if they think you're assie they'll go away) It's an incredible surfing experience.
  • Thanks bro. I've got it narrowed down to 2, PR or Barbados. I'm going with a chick (she surfs). Do you know anything about Barbados?
    You're going to love the land of Oz. They love Americans. All you have to do is talk. Also they're way more shy than us. You'll have to break the ice and then they will be your instant friend. It's alway quiet in the line-ups. It's a trip, you'll start a conversation and then notice everyone around will start conversing.
  • Ever surfed Puerto Rico in Feb? If so, how is the surf?
  • ooo not to much just doing the thing getting ready for x mas .. you know .. hows it going over there ..
  • Hey Johnny,
    I have your same attitude about the longboard, lol.
    Thanks for the photo posts. Keep m coming.
    Welcome to the sight.
This reply was deleted.