Have a surfboard for rent. List it here for free. We'll even place a pin on the map for you.

On this discussion forum give your name, location, type(s) of board(s) you have and whatever else helpful info you have.

If you're traveling and looking for a surfboard to rent, let us know on here and we'll see if we can match you up.

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Coming to Oahu, Hawaii to surf ? Order a surfboard online today @ http://www.HawaiiSurfboardRentals.com .

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2 day minimum rental requirement.

Surfboard for rent at NGor Island in Dakar - Senegal - West Africa:
4 x 9"5 Longboard
5 x 9" longboard
Gun 8"
Gun 7"6
Mini maliby 7"6
Hobby classic single fin 7"0
Epoxy 6"10
Epoxy 6"6
3 x 6"5
4 x 6"4
2 x 6"3
I take 15 Euro per day for board rent and wetsuit/lycra
More info at Gosurf.dk

You are always welcome to come visit us and go surf with us.

Surfboards for rent in Melbourne, Australia


Yes I rent surfboards, I have all kinds of surfboard rentals at my surf club.


Here some of them, more beginner/intermediate surfer oriented:




Check out my Profile page for contact info: Alba Ruiz Leon

Cheap Rentals offers a huge selection of surfboards from beginner foamy boards to advanced hard top boards for all ages. 
Check it out at Surfboards for Rent


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