There's nothing too special about the retractable cord that comes with the Surf Camera case. It does however have the thickest of cords that you see for sale at office stores.
Make sure to rinse it out after surfing and give it a couple of yo-yo's while rinsing and while you're doing that slide the cord between your fingers to get all the salt off of it.
If you're an avid surfer out 2 to 3x or more per week, it should last you a good long time. But if you let it dry out too long (like a week) it may freeze up on you.
If you're not going to surf for awhile make sure to yo-yo it a couple of time over the week while it's drying. I usually do that while I'm re-hanging my wetsuit somewhere else or flipping my wetsuit inside out to dry better.
Also if it does freeze up within your first year give me a reply from on this topic here and I will mail you out another one within the US.
In the meantime there are a couple of things you can do if you can't wait.
1) Make your cameras lanyard as short as possible and just go without the retractable cord.
2) You can purchase them at most office stores for about 2 to 3 bucks in the badging section. Make sure it is of the thicker string if you do.

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