1) Wear the the Surf Camera case, slip in your waterproof camera and go surfing.

2) Take some shots of the the surfers around you on a good wave.

3) Just paddle up to the person you took a photo of and say "Dude, I gotta killer shot of you on that wave. (he'll be your best friend) It's an EASY sell!
4) Tell the guy to check for his photo at SurfCamera.com. It's an easy name for them to remember... you're wearing one! SurfCamera.com has a search box that links to SurferShot.com's surf photo section (this site). Tell him to find it by the location & date (My Break, mm/dd/yy, etc) - or however you want to tag it.
5) Edit your photo with a watermark "For Sale" (or whatever). See example attachment below (for sale.jpg).
6) Post it up here: Upload Surf Photos.
7) When they reply via the comment box on the photo, send them your e-mail (thru their profile email).
8) You will have to have a Paypal account. Go into that account and set it up so it will attach to your e-mail system. (it 's easy and it will walk you thru it)
9) When you compose a new e-mail to the perspective buyer PayPal will take you thru a wizard and place in a Visa button onto the center bottom of the e-mail.
10) When your buyer gets your e-mail and clicks the Visa button he is re-directed to your Paypal account, and, he will not have to sign up. All he needs is a Visa or ATM card.
11) You'll get a Paypal payment confirmation in your e-mail.
12) Check you Paypal account to verify.
13) e-mail your photo (without the watermark) to your buyer.
I recommend $20.00 but of course it's solely up to you.
Good luck.
Oh! I recommend that you don't charge your friends and the local surfers of your break.

PS. If you'd like to see what the PayPal invoice looks like that your prospect would see, write me a comment (I don't need your email, I'll email you through your profile) and I'll email it to you.

for sale.jpg

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