im asking for help... if there is someone whos is kind... we would like to solicit from you surfboards. we live in a poor community. and we cant afford to buy boards. we have 1 board here, and we have to take our turns in order to play our passion sport. we are 21 players and we have to ride 1 turn in order that all of us could use our single board... we need your support.. its in your hand.. thanksSmile.gifSmile.gifSmile.gifSmile.gif

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  • here are some of our surf spots hope you like it


  • Hey Mark, Take some pictures of the surf in your area and post them on here. Surfers love seeing surf pictures of places that are remote such as where you live. Some great surf pictures will get surf travelers excited enough to travel to your home surf break. The airlines charge up $150.00 US each way to bring a board, so a lot of travelers will bring their surfboard and then leave it before their return trip home.

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