My worst was an Xcel front zip. Super hard to get in & out of and within 4 months the front neck ripped and became a V-neck. This was their top of the line wetsuit at the time too. It completely fell apart halfway thru my 2 season.

My best was a 3/2mm Jetpilot "Cause" fullsuit. Warmest, stretchiest, most comphy wetsuit ever. 2 full seasons with it before it started to thin out. I don't think they make it anymore. Frown.gif

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  • My best is also the Jetpilot. The Chamber 3/2. I'm a wuss in cold water and normally surf with a 4/3 on but even after my second season with this I surfed Morro Bay at around 54 degrees and stayed warm.

    My worst was an Oneill Psycho II. I'm 6' and wear a size large. Most wetsuits fit me perfect but the Oneill has longer arms so I have to keep pulling them up and then it starts to balloon up on me which totally sucks. The knees go out half way thru the first season. I've had 3 Psycho II's... never again!

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