We've upload a new surfcam for Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz.

Full HD webcam that pans back and forth viewing the break at Steamer Lane.

Many of the best surfers recently shared their thoughts on surfing Santa Cruz, during the O'Neill Coldwater Classic. Once such pro surfer said, "I don't regard the Lane as a world class wave, I think even the locals would tell you that. It's a world class amphitheater and this just happens to be a beautiful place." -- Kelly Slater

Located beneath the Historic Santa Cruz Lighthouse is where you'll find the quintessential surf spot, Steamer Lane. Well known for it's consistent and powerful waves "The Lane" is every bit the image of Santa Cruz surf in the minds of surfers everywhere.

4 to 12 foot swells are routine and larger winter swells are common with a reef bottom and kelp to contend with.

Feel free to chime in about your experience surfing Steamer Lane or what you think about this Steamer Lane Surfcam

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