Do you prefer to surf alone or with friends?

I was just wondering as a general thing - do you like to surf alone or with friends?  Personally, I surf alone most of the time but there are usually others in the same spot I am surfing.  If I waited around for someone to come then I would almost never go.  My favorite time to go is before work - dawn patrol.  However, I do quite enjoy surfing with some good friends that understand that the conversation get interrupted when it's time for a ride!

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Comment by Apryl DeLancey on April 5, 2011 at 2:13pm
Nice, most all of my surf buds know that I'll be waiting for them in the lineup and I tell them not to wait for me to paddle out also.  That's where we usually meet unless, like you said, it's just okay.  Then we seem to take our time!
Comment by Scott Bishop on April 5, 2011 at 2:10pm

If it's good. I go no matter what. If I'm waiting for a friend while it's firing, I'll wait maybe 5 minutes then jump in.

If it's mmm... just okay I usually need a friend to egg me on. I'll jump in most of the time.

If it's crappy I'll only go out, friend or no friend because I'm jonesing to surf and/or the weather is nice.

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